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Case Study

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Case Study/Analysis – Summary

  • The Practice was able to increase the billing steadily for the past three years but was unable to increase the revenue at the same rate
  • Data analysis points to a weak collection system in place
  • Significant amounts have been adjusted as un-collectible or bad-debts
  • Aggressive follow-ups need to be in place to recover from insurance and patients
  • High outstanding from Medicare suggests that billing may not be properly coded or billed or deductibles are not collected
  • The ROI tool suggests high savings if the billing is optimized and professionally managed

Increase in Overall Revenue 5%-10%+

  • Elimination of lost Charges
  • Increase patient co-pay collection
  • Clear identification of appointments that need to be rescheduled
  • Immediate identification of outstanding patient balances
  • Maximize revenue through correct coding initiatives