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About us

Since 2001, Kaizen Systems, Inc. has been providing leading edge consulting service to physicians to enhance their business side. We work directly with physicians and their office staffs to improve business processes and increase revenue. Our Kaizen philosophy, “continuous incremental improvements”, has kept us on track to design and implement value-added management and billing service.


Analyze and optimize business process

Simplify billing and A/R management

Improve performance and profitability


  • Optimal level of financial performance
  • Increased efficiency in business operations

Kaizen Systems, Inc. has developed unique tools and techniques that offer state-of-the-art products and services to improve practice performance and profitability. The result of our work is that medical practices reach their optimal level of financial performance while at the same time increasing their efficiency in providing medical services to patients. Kaizen Systems, Inc. is dedicated to improving cash flow for physicians and healthcare providers with anywhere, anytime access to practice information. This provides the physician with tools necessary to improve office efficiency while reducing administrative challenges and increasing revenue. The realities of today's healthcare industry:

  • 16.3 billion dollars annually is wasted in the processing of flawed claims.
  • Ineligibility and unauthorized referrals account for the majority of all claim denials.

Kaizen Systems, Inc. continues to apply its knowledge in pioneering advanced solutions for improving the administration, quality and profitability of medical practices. Kaizen Systems, Inc. has successfully developed Kaizen Online, customized customer relationship software using its knowledge and expertise in healthcare service industry.