Medical and Dental Billing

Service Plans

KAIZEN MAXIMIZER- End to End complete billing solution

KAIZEN OPTIMIZER- Solution to specific problem on task basis

KAIZEN PLUS- Smooth integration of Client and Kaizen resources to optimize practice


KAIZEN MAXIMIZER is complete end to end solution which offers

  • Anytime, anywhere access to patient information and scheduling
  • Patients Appointment confirmation 24 hours before appointment
  • Insurance Eligibility verification 48 hours before visits
  • Offloaded claim and statement processing
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Insurance follow up
  • Patients Statements and follow up
  • Past Due Accounts Recovery
  • File Maintenance and Data Management


KAIZEN OPTIMIZER is custom designed solution to meet specific needs and requirements of health care providers, this may include one or some of the following

  • Transaction Entry
  • Claims management
  • Insurance follow up
  • Patients Statements and follow up
  • Past Due Accounts Recovery


KAIZEN PLUS is an online patient relationship management solution that is designed for healthcare providers to manage their practice’s administrative and billing responsibilities. This plan offers a true integrated on-line system with extensive back-end services that empowers medical practices to improve patient relationships by providing

  • Anytime, anywhere access to patient information
  • Charge entry and Patient Scheduling by provider's office
  • Payment Application
  • Eligibility verification
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • File Maintenance and Data Management

Practice Management Services

Practice Management Services

  • Installation and integration of Practice Management and EHR Systems
  • Complete data migration and conversion of data from other practice management system
  • Quality Control using custom developed software ( Data validation and use of Scrubbers before claims transmission)
  • Advanced Document Management System
  • Patient Appointment Reminder Service
  • Training and HRD
  • Technical Support - Level 1 (telephone) - Level 2 (Remote desktop support - VNC) - Level 3 (Onsite)

Major Features

  • Real time, Any time, Anywhere online access
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant and secure
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Customized reports for management decision making
  • Clients have upto date knowledge of the financial health of the business
  • Rejects prevention through custome software
  • Faster turnaround time due to EDI tools
  • Aggressive insurance follow-ups
  • In time Secondary insurance billing
  • Personalised continuous patient follow-ups to settle accounts

Consulting Services

On-Site Operational Assessment looks at all of the business processes from medical records and office computerization to marketing and office policies to determine if the practice is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible to optimize profits on practice income.

Financial Performance Monitoring is an ideal and inexpensive way to keep track of the financial performance of the practice on a monthly or quarterly basis. We do the work of reviewing the key financial indicators and condensing those data into a concise and useful report that we review with you.

Coaching and Development Programs are designed to support the physician/owner with staff development, or with coaching an administrator or practice manager.

Practice Analysis

  • Accounts Receivable Analysis
  • Reimbursement Analysis
  • Practice Optimization

GAP Analysis

  • Hardware Analysis
  • Security Vulnerabilities
  • Penetration Analysis

Software Services

  • Technical Support and Maintenance of Medisoft, SoftDent, Dentimax, Dragon Naturally Speaking.
  • In-house custom software development
    • Kaizen Online - In-house Practice Optimization System.
    • Kaizen CRM - Customer Relationship Management tool.
    • KaizenHealth - Cloud-based Practice Management system .
    • KaizenHealth EMR - under development.
  • Data migration, Data conversion, Data Repairs
  • Software upgrades and support

IT Services

Kaizen Systems, Inc. is fast growing as a custom software development company. Our offshore development department is located in India. With over 9 years of experience, we have a clear view of the processes and operations involved in transforming your business, regardless of the domain you are in. Our IT services help businesses to achieve following objectives:

  • Appropriate solution to enhance business process
  • Reduce IT cost
  • Improve quality of IT service
  • Increase employee productivity

Domain Expertise

  • Medical and Dental Billing
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Wealth Management
  • Accounts
  • Human Resources

New Application Development

  • .NET applications - smart client applications, web applications, client server applications
  • J2EE - web-based applications, client server applications
  • PHP - web-base applications

Existing Application Enhancement

  • Using .NET framework

Application Migration

  • VB to .NET framework
  • PHP to .NET framework
  • Old .NET versions to current version

Software Testing

Quality assurance testing is a critical phase of any software development project; our testing services ensure that the newly developed application is reliable and able to operate consistently under pressure.

Hardware and Networking Services

  • Systems Installation
  • Systems Upgradation
  • Systems Maintenance
  • Network Components Installation
  • Setting up of Virtual Private Network(VPN) to connect offices in multiple locations
  • Security Components installation

Institutional Billing

Kaizen Systems provides end-to-end billing services for Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) and Opioid Treatment Program (OTP).

  • The Intensive Outpatient Program is designed for people who are struggling with problems associated with addictions, substance use and abuse, or the co-occurring disorders associated with substance use.
  • Opioid treatment programs provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for persons diagnosed with opioid-use disorder.